Dream UP!


A High-Vibe Journey

Designed to Elevate Your Life to Your Next Level

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If you’re a woman who hears the calling for expansion and you are ready to

wake things up, make real shift happen, and unapologetically own your life,

then join us for this high-vibe, experiential workshop so you can deepen and

expand your vision while confidently stepping into a

Dream UP! life.

What is your Dream UP! Vision?

Get Unstuck

Write a Book

Build Community

Add Adventure

Expand your Business

Feel Peace and Ease

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Do you feel called to ...

  • Experience more in life
  • Develop greater confidence in your decisions and actions so you can achieve your wildest dreams
  • Make friends with your emotions so they can keep you on track
  • Learn how to rest, relax and enjoy the present moment without guilt
  • Re-align with your brilliance

Do you feel a longing to show up more fully in life and experience the joy of living this day? Are you longing to feel alive, make a career change, be happy, sleep well, speak up more, share your story, or to authentically connect with more clearly with family, clients, co-workers and the grocery store clerk?

  • If you are feeling this way YAHOOOO!!!!! This is to be celebrated. This is your calling to expand, to Dream UP!
  • This is your soul nudging you to continue growing, changing, evolving, LIVING.
  • In old-school terms, this has been called a mid-life crisis. The truth is it's not a crisis at all. It is a CALLING and throughout your lifetime you have MANY callings.
  • A calling is your Self loving you so much that it's not going to let you quietly quit your life.
  • Your calling is reminding you that you deserve to feel happy, excited, light, joyful, adventurous, mindful, and all lit up inside. And this workshop is going to help you learn how to do it.
  • It's time to Dream UP!

During your Dream UP! Workshop, you will...

...experience a wholistic, experiential journey, integrating fun, education, movement, mindfulness experiences in nature, connection, self-reflection and loads of easy-to-use techniques for continued practice.

If you don't want to attend a DRY, 3-hour workshop where you are lectured at to "be better" while sitting on your tush all afternoon...

...GOOD! Because that's not what you do here.

You move and connect and learn from nature and reflect and share and listen and laugh and feel and create BECAUSE this is how shift happens.

Why? Because words do not teach, only experience teaches.

How Do I know if this Dream UP! workshop is for me?

This workshop IS for you if:

  • You hear the calling to make a change in your life but you don't know exactly what it is or how to begin.
  • You're ready for an empowered life resulting in more energy, joy and adventure.
  • You're ready to use an experiential, integrative approach for achieving a true shift (haha - even if you don't know what that means) while being supported by others doing the same.
  • You are excited and open to learning, laughing, moving and having fun while self-reflecting and elevating your life game.
  • YOU! are ready to Dream UP!

This workshop is NOT for you if:

  • You are uncoachable - you're not willing to grow and change and learn new concepts to elevate your life.
  • You're ok with staying right where you are.
  • You want a cookie-cutter approach to achieving your goals and you are not willing to take ownership of your experience AND your life.
  • You'd rather wait another season or year or 3 more years before you discover the energy you can have NOW by making effective changes in your thinking, behaviors and actions.
  • You'd rather do "it" alone.

Success Stories

I am now able to take minutes, hours and days to honor and appreciate all my gifts and joys because of the coaching work I have completed with Jill. The most empowering part is how I'm now able to share my voice from a loving heart, releasing shame and judgment.

~Anita Krier

Because of working with Jill, I now am able to put things in perspective. I have always had either too full of a plate or unable to set boundaries with those in my life.  I now feel strong and able to prioritize things in my life to ensure that I am placing my energy in the needed areas.  Something I appreciate about her approach is how she includes nature and outdoor activities in her coaching. She just has this energy that easily draws you in and inspires.

~ Lori Keene

Jill is the best listener I've ever experienced. She has this magical, uncanny ability to listen between the lines and really get me! She taps into the core of what I am struggling with, is always positive, uplifting and gives mindful practice ideas to redirect and elevate me. She guides me to new ways of thinking, being, and experiencing happiness in ways I could not even imagine. She has helped me discover my inner spirit voice, recognize my gifts and learn how to connect with them on a regular basis.

~Loyse Hinkle

Two Locations and Dates to Choose From ...

Saturday, 1/07/23

at 11:00 pm - 2:00 pm in Vail, CO

at Vail Valley Wellness

20 Eagle Road, Eagle Vail, CO

The Investment for the

Dream UP! Workshop is $67.00

Meet Coach Jill

The Formal Version

Jill Sommers, MA, CPC is a high-performance coach for the new wave of mindful, conscious seeking woman who wants to stop living a life of overwhelm, limitation-based mind-set, and in-authentic actions.   

A certified life coach since 2013, her coaching career began in the arena of endurance sports in 1989. She has earned two Master's Degrees in psychology and, to this day, has coached more than 5000 people throughout the US and Europe.

Her integrative approach, including movement therapy, mental skillls in sport coaching, nature-based coaching, psychology and life coaching provides a unique foundation for helping her clients develop clarity, deepen vision and take action for sustainable life change.

In addition, Jill teaches mindfulness and meditation courses at the University of WI, Milwaukee where she has been on academic staff since 1994.

Learn More about Jill

The Informal Version

Hi, now that you have a feel for my educational background and experience, which, is important, here's some informal, more fun info.

I followed my life-long calling and moved to Boulder, CO in 2018 at the age of 53 after living in Milwaukee, WI for 27 years.

I am absolutely lit up by the mountains, sunshine, trail running, mountain peaks, blue skies, hiking, skiing, expansive living, people, dogs, and horses.

You can say I am in my happy place, but it hasn't always been that way which is why I LOVE sharing the practices that have worked for me and my clients to Dream UP! My greatest passion is to provide insight, ease and support for people wanting to elevate in life, sport and business.

I look forward to having you join me on an expansion journey via private coaching, a VIP day in the mountains or a Dream UP! Mindful Adventure Retreat in the mountains of Colorado or rainforests of Costa Rica.