Full Moon Mountain Hike,

Meditation and Celebration

Together, we adventure through the mountains, shine with the moon and illuminate from the heart.

July 23, 2021 at 7:00 pm | Vail Valley, CO

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Breathing in the fresh mountain air while easily hiking a tree-lined trail a quick and nimble hummingbird flutters before you, as if to say "Follow me. This way."

....It's a Friday night, the end of a day, a week, a season a full year. You exhale deeply, release the strain in your neck and drop your shoulders into ease...ahhhh.

The full moon energy has been escalating and you are feeling the excitement of being embraced by a group of like-minded and open-hearted women who share the same love of mountains, meditation and moon energy.

Together you hike a 1.2 mile trail to a mountain meadow, enjoying enlightened conversation, laughter and levity as the sun slowly sets over the mountain peaks.

Arriving at the meadow, you exhale all lingering anxieties and worries, releasing anything that keeps you from being fully present in THIS moment.

You breathe deeper, giggle louder, move bigger, feeling more alive in your body than you have a months, even years.

The fresh air has fueled your hunger so you enjoy delicious snacks while anticipating the mid-summer's full moon rise over the mountain range.

As you quiet into meditation, you feel magically connected, not only with Self but, with everything around you; the earth, the sky, the air, the animals, the women here with you, the full moon energy.

You are exactly where you are suppose to be, shining with the moon and illuminating from the heart.

The meditation gives way to celebration and you feel it all coming together; you, them, you, ONE.

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  • Pre-Hike Preparation Journal Exercises
  • Guided Hike with the Mind Body Belly Coaches
  • Full Moon Meditation and Celebration
  • Nutritious Snacks
  • *Note: Space is limited. We suggest to register early.
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