If you're feeling worried, anxious, isolated and uncertain in the midst of today's challenging events -- not to mention a little pudgy and foggy after weeks of sleeplessness and overeating -- then join us for this 10-day life challenge to build awareness, learn smart mind-body-belly strategies, and get your groove back again!


Our guess is you did not plan your 2020 to look and feel the way it currently does. The mental, physical and emotional challenges of this year are REAL and they have rocked the lives of many people, creating frustration, confusion and lack of motivation. If you are feeling this way YOU ARE NOT ALONE and that is why Christine, Jill and Kara have created this 10-day challenge for you to rock the rest of your summer AND life beyond 2020. We can’t always predict or control the world around us but we can take ownership of how we respond.

What is an Integrated Challenge?

This is NOT just one of those physical challenges where you work your body to pure exhaustion or eat a leaf a day until starvation. This is an integrated challenge that builds awareness and provides activities to enhance the symbiotic relationship between mind, body and belly.



When you want to change something in your life, you must first change your mind. This 10-day challenge will show you how to get your brain in the game so you can achieve your desired goals, not just during the challenge, but in all areas of your life.



During this 10-Day Challenge you will explore movement, and receive videos, education, endless support, and smart strategies to set you on the path toward a body that feels powerful, strong and efficient.  



Let Food Be Thy Medicine. A great nutrition plan fuels your busy days, optimizes your mental state, and bolsters your immune response. In this 10-day challenge, you will receive abundant nutrition education, support and resources that will light a fire so you can easily build new health habits and achieve your goal of feeling profoundly well!

During this 10-Day Challenge You Will:

Learn techniques, receive insights and get support from THREE professional coaches.

Energize your life by integrating mental skills, physical movement and nutritious fuel.

Experience the group momentum with THREE parties - the Kick Off Party, Half-Time Party and Finish Line Party.

Feel the exhilaration of moving past previous roadblocks.

Be encouraged and supported by your MBB Facebook family.

Celebrate the freedom of an invigorated mind, body and belly.

"I've been lucky to have Kara in my life for the past 4 years. She has an incredible read on energy levels and knows when to push you and when to go easy.  Her focus on strength, band work, stability, and sport-specific exercises have helped me become a stronger athlete and more motivated to be healthy in all aspects of my life. 

She's fun, motivating, caring, and provides knowledge and insight on what your body needs. Grateful."


"Jill has provided profound insight that has helped me create a life I love. She has helped me connect with myself again. Working with Jill has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and (I) cannot recommend her highly enough!!! " 

~ Kim

What's Included

We know you will do your best when you are learning, when you are challenged and when you are supported. Check out ALL the ways we are here for you during this 10-day challenge.


Kick-Off Party (Wednesday, 7/22)

Every great challenge is preceded with a kick-off to get jazzed up and ready for the journey. We meet the night before the challenge begins to rev up your engines, clear your thoughts and review the details.


25 Challenges

Choose from 25 unique and integrative challenges. YOU decide which challenges best fit your needs and desires. Choose from fitness, nutrition, mental skills, relaxation, stretching, meditation or create some of your own. You must complete at least one per day for 10 days to fulfill the challenge.


Connection via Private Facebook Group

We know you will stay highly motivated, excited and dedicated with the support of others. The coaches AND your MBB peers will be there for you from beginning to end on your private FB group, supporting you with encouragement, information and energy.



Throughout the entire challenge, Kara, Jill and Christine will be right there with you live videos, handouts, encouragement and materials that will fuel you for the challenge AND life beyond these 10 days.


Half-Time Party

Don't for one minute think we will get you started and abandon you. No WAY! Half way through your challenge, we get together again to jazz you up and celebrate how far you've come AND help light the fire to keep you moving all the way to the end.


Finish-Line Party

Every great challenge requires a fun finish line party, complete with prizes. This finish-line party will bring the challenge together so we can celebrate your achievements.

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"The best part of working with Christine was that I learned a ton about really being healthy and eating healthy—not just using willpower to get through a program that wouldn’t be sustainable. The new eating habits I have developed are sustainable well past this program and that was the biggest benefit for me personally! Christine’s wisdom, enthusiasm and 100% support helped me achieve the program with joy. For anyone looking for a way to reset their diet, learn how to live healthier and do it in a supportive community with a great leader, this is a program I recommend fully."


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THREE Professional Coaches

Kara Hassab Certified Fitness Coach

One of my greatest joys is helping men and women gain strength and experience the powerful benefits that come from a strong foundation.  I absolutely adore helping people feel better and move more efficiently through smart, safe, and appropriate strength, fitness, and core training. 

Learn more about Kara at Health in Motion.

Christine Pierangeli Certified Master Nutrition Therapist

I am thrilled to join this amazing team of holistic practitioners to bring you the education, motivation and inspiration you deserve in order to achieve PROFOUND WELLNESS! I bring 5 years of experience as a certified master nutrition therapist who is board certified in holistic nutrition.

Learn more about Christine at Profound Wellness of Vail.

Jill Sommers, MA CPC Certified Professional Coach

I LOVE coaching clients how to use a very powerful, but often forgotten, muscle - your mind. All change must be preceded by the right mindset and when the brain is in the game, SHIFT happens. I am excited to bring you techniques, insights and content that I have studied, implemented and coached over the past 30 years which will help you easily elevate your mind/body/spirit health.

Learn more about Jill at Jill M Sommers Performance Coaching.


In light of the current Covid-19 situation we are sensitive to possible changes in financial stability and we want you to be able to attend this challenge despite any financial hardships you may be experiencing, so we have established a “pay what you can” policy.

The recommended tuition for this 10-day challenge is $47 USD but if that impedes your ability to attend you can pay as low as $27 and you will still receive all the handouts, bonus information, Facebook community and resources as well as all replays which you can access forever (Kick-Off Party, Mid-Challenge Gathering, Finish-Line Party).

This invitation is real. Do not allow finances to keep you from joining this supported and integrative challenge designed to up-level every area of your life so you can get your groove back and rock your life. We know you will pay it forward when you can. Join us today and start receiving support, encouragement and bonus information in the FB community.

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